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SGPGIMS | Lucknow

Central Research Facility (Core Lab)


Central Research Facility is located on the 2nd floor of the New Diagnostic block in C-Block, SGPGI campus.

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Organization of core facility

The central instrument facility is organized basically into four cores

o Proteomics core:

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS),



Vaccum concentrator,

ELISA reader

o Genomics core:

Next-generation sequencing system (NGS)

Genetic Analyzer (24-capillary sequencing instrument),

PCR machine X3

RTPCR machine


o Cell Culture Core

Biosafety Hoods (UnitI& II)

CO2 incubator

o General Lab core:

Imaging Core: Fluorescent microscope, phase contrast microscope;

Basic small equipmentsautoclave, centrifuges, water bath, Ph-meter, vortex,

RO and milliQ water plant