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Dean, SGPGIMS, Lucknow

It is a privilege to be the Dean of the premier super-speciality medical institute, SGPGIMS, Lucknow which has been at the forefront of quality medical education and research, besides treatment of complex diseases in the country over the past three decades. I stand tall that SGPGIMS has consistently ranked 1st within the state of Uttar Pradesh and 5th among the top 10 medical institutions of the country.

Known for its beautiful campus rich in flora and fauna that spreads over 550 acres, it possesses dedicated skilled faculty and staff, excellent infrastructure, library, laboratories, skill labs and state-of-art sports complex. SGPGIMS, with current bed strength of more than 1500 and 32 departments, has a unique distinction in starting several specialities and super-speciality academic courses for the very first time within the country that have been emulated and adopted by other top medical institutions of the country. Our institute is making continuous progress in all its fields, be it patient care, teaching, training and research. Its alumni are well placed nationally and internationally.

I feel proud that in the recent past, the courage shown and the quality healthcare delivered by our faculty, residents and other frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic have been exemplary and exceptional. Their dedication has set an unforgettable standard for our aspiring physicians and healthcare professionals.

Excellence is an everyday pursuit and I believe that creativity, perseverance, sincerity, compassion, and leadership are the five characteristics of excellence that define it best. Our institute’s mission, first and foremost, is to educate the finest clinicians and investigators; and to be successful in these ventures requires nothing less than outstanding creativity, compassion, and leadership. One needs to be creative as a clinician because, despite all the advances in modern medicine, each patient is unique, and diagnoses are not always obvious. One needs to be creative as an investigator because research, by its very nature, involves a quest for what is unknown and, if discovered, constitutes the next piece of the vast, intricate puzzle we call life. Sincerity adds up in the efforts, it makes you punctual and task worthy which results in a positive outcome.

Beyond any specific prescribed treatments for illnesses, compassion is the core principle and most powerful healing act we can perform; and should be the constant “north star” for any health care provider. One will be seeing people who are sick, at their most vulnerable and dependent state. Nevertheless, whether the disease is curable or incurable, treatable or untreatable, controllable or uncontrollable; the essential ingredients of one’s treatment recipe must include compassion and empathy along with appropriate surgical or medical management. Honesty and transparency are very important however patient privacy and confidentiality of patient data are of utmost essential. Dedicated physicians have honesty and integrity, good interpersonal skills, and treat patients and other caregivers with understanding and respect. I must say that reliability, accountability, and good judgement under pressure are essential qualities needed to become an exceptional physician.

The mission of our institute has been to cultivate top-class medical and health teachers, practitioners and researchers through excellence in teaching, patient care, and medical research. Our institute facilitates in-house research grants through intramural projects and extramural grants from various funding agencies to provide an opportunity for our faculty and researchers to hone their research skills. We believe that students can enhance their skills and abilities to become world-leading human resources in the medical profession. In keeping with our long-standing traditions, I assure you that we will spare no effort in providing all kinds of support to our faculty, residents, nursing and paramedical students. Our endeavour has always been to provide the best to prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow so that when they step out of SGPGIMS, they are competent to handle the responsibilities to fill the void in the areas of need.

One should not give up the best efforts and persevere the same with all the efforts in the professional and personal life. Because perseverance pays, if not always then most of the time.

I am confident and have not even an iota of doubt that if we all work together towards this vision we can bring out a definitive change in further improving the teaching, training, research/innovation. I am open to suggestions to make SGPGIMS an institute of par excellence.

Let’s stand up to the vision and mission of SGPGIMS. Jai Hind!

सर्वद्रव्येषु वर्द्यैर् द्रव्यमाहुरनुत्तमम् ।
अहार्वत्वादनर्घ्वत्वादक्षर्त्वाच्च सर्वदा ॥
Prof. Shaleen Kumar