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Advance Diabetes Centre

Diabetes is a major public health concern in India. Approximately 10% of Indian population suffers from diabetes. Serious diabetes-related complications contribute to mortality and morbidity, with immense associated economic burdens.

Advance Diabetes Center (ADC) is an upcoming well-equipped center with all the trained manpower, with advanced and “state of art” equipment and required infrastructure for the care of patients with all kinds of diabetes and its complications. This center will have a “OPEN DOOR” policy for all patients, with all relevant clinical evaluation, investigations, treatment modalities, and education provided efficiently. The proposed center will provide, in addition to a general diabetes clinic, various sub-subspeciality clinics such as gestational diabetes/pregnancy and diabetes, diabetic renal clinic diabetes ophthalmology clinic, foot clinic, type 1 diabetes in adults, type 2 diabetes in young.


  • To provide the comprehensive diabetes care under one roof within shortest period to large number of patients from UP, neighboring states and countries
  • To create a cadre of professionals committed to deliver diabetes care services within the community
  • To provide the tele-consult services for patients from distant places
  • To disseminate the knowledge of diabetes care among health professionals
  • To enhance the research in diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology of diabetes
  • To have community outreach program through mobile vans (diabetes mobile clinic) in remote area
  • The components of Advanced Diabetes Center:

  • Clinical Diabetes Center for comprehensive care of all patients with diabetes and its complications
  • Training center for para-medical personnel including diabetes nurses/educators, dieticians and podiatrists
  • Tele-diabetes and mobile out-reach diabetes care
  • Diabetes research center