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Academic Facility

The Institute has more than 100 faculty members in 20 academic departments. These departments are engaged in teaching, training, patient care and research. Click below to learn about the activities of these departments and hospital facilities available at the Institute.

Library Facilities

The Institute has a well-equipped library with nearly 16,000 books. The library subscribes to nearly 450 scientific journals. The library provides facilities for loaning of library books and journals, photocopying, internet access for literature search, etc. In addition, the library has inter-library loan arrangements with libraries of several other scientific institutions in the city.

Computer Facilities

The Institute has a hospital-wide computer network with more than 2000 computers spread all over the hospital and departments. Internet connections are available in all the departments. All faculty members, residents and students are provided with e-mail facilities. The patient care activites are computerised with implementation of Windows-based hospital information system

Auditorium and Seminar Rooms

The Institute currently has an auditorium with a seating capacity for nearly 140 persons. A larger main auditorium complex is under construction. In addition, each department had seminar room(s) for conducting departmental teaching activities.