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Bone Marrow Center

Stem Cell Research Center

The new faculties at SCRC were recruited in 2018 to strengthen and initiate research and academic programs. The vision of SCRC is to conduct theme-based cutting edge research in basic and translational area of stem cell biology through in-vitro lab studies; preclinical and clinical trials to develop stem cell based new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for hematological and other disease. The research areas includes understanding of basic biology of adult, multipotent and pluripotent stem cells utilizing the tools of genomics proteomics and epigenetics; development of animal models of diseases as pre-clinical platforms; modeling human diseases by Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs); development of cancer stem cell based novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools and generation of CAR-T Cell for therapeutic use to cure B-ALL and other leukemia’s.

Courses offered: MSc and PhD

Laboratory pertaining to Department

  • Stem Cell Research Labs
  • Recombinant DNA Lab
  • Proteomic and Epigenetic Lab
  • Genomic and Molecular biology Lab
  • In-vitro stem cell culture complex
  • GMP culture complex
  • GMP quality control lab