College of Medical Technology Courses

Undergraduate Courses/Post Grduate Course Name Remark

Undergraduate Courses

B.P.T - Bachelor of Physiotherapy

B.Sc. - Anaesthesia Technology

B.Sc. - Radio-diagnosis and Imaging Technology

B.Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology (Hematology)

B.Sc. - Operation Theatre Technology

B.Sc. - Perfusion Technology

B.Sc. - Renal Dialysis Technology

B.Sc. - Radiotherapy Technology

B.Sc. - Respiratory Care Technology

Postgraduate Courses

M.Sc. - Medical Bio-technology (Hematology)

M.Sc. - Genetics Counselling (Medical Genetics)

M.Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology (Medical Virology)

M.Sc.- Medical Laboratory Technology (Transfusion Medicine)

M.Sc. - Radio pharmacy and Molecular Imaging (Nuclear Medicine)

M.Sc. - Nuclear Medicine Technology (Nuclear Medicine)

M.Sc. - Molecular Medicine & Biotechnology