Patient Care

    OPD schedule

    Monday Dr Kuntal Kanti Das Dr. Amit Keshri (Neuro-otology) Dr. Ravi Shankar(Neuro-otology)

    Tuesday Prof Sanjay Behari, Dr Jayesh Sardhara Chunnilal, Dr Ved Prakash Maurya

    Wednesday Dr Anant Mehrotra, Dr Pawan K Verma Dr. Amit Keshri (Neuro-otology) Dr. Ravi Shankar(Neuro-otology)

    Thursday Prof A.K. Jaiswal

    Friday Dr Arun K. Srivastava Dr Kamlesh S. Bhaisora


    General Beds : 52 beds

    Private Beds : 12 rooms

    ICU Beds : 15 beds

    Paediatric Beds : 06 beds

    Neuro-otology Beds : 06 beds

    Total beds : 91 beds


    The department has a dedicated neuro-otology lab.Neuro-otology Lab has 4 labs dedicated to floowing Diagnostic test and clinical facilities

    Facilities of following tests

    Facilities of following tests

  • Pure Tone Audiometrey
  • Impedence Audiometry
  • Auditory Brain Stem Test
  • Oto Acoustic Emission
  • Neonatal Hearing Screening
  • Children Speech assessment
  • Cochlear Implant Mapping
  • Speech therapy
  • Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairments
  • Hearing Aid Services
  • Following Clinical Work in ENT LAB
  • Endoscopy of EAR, Nose and Throat.
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Biopsy of lesions of Oral Cavity and ENT diseases.
  • Intra-tympanic Injections
  • Vertigo assessment and Corrective maneuvers.
  • Minor procedures like suture removal dressing
  • Nasal Packing for epistaxis
  • Suturing and minor surgery.