Alumni Day

Since its inception in 1983, SGPGIMS has been offering quality education in the form of DM, MCh, MD, PhD degrees, post doctoral fellowships and post doctoral certificate courses, and senior residency programs in different specialties. Some of the degrees such as B.Sc.Nursing and B.Sc Medical technology have recently been added to the armamentarium.

SGPGI started the degree and residency programs in 1988. Over the last 3 decades, a sizeable number of residents, students and scholars have received training here. It is amatter of great pride that these studentswho oncewalked through the corridors ofthis great organization, now hold responsible, prominent and leadership positions in their specialties all over the country and abroad. Needless to say, their rigorous training at SGPGI, with emphasis on basics, clinical and scientific research, hasstood them in good stead, and their brilliant career graphs are a testimony to that. A robust training program, a family like bonding within the departments and hostels,sprawling campuswith itslush green ambience,is what most of the Alumni are nostalgic about.

An Alumni cell was created by the Director (one ofthe first alumnus of SGPGI) Prof.R K Dhiman, and Dean Prof.S K Mishra in the year 2020 with the firm belief that Alumni are the true ambassadors of any organization, and have the potential to contribute immensely to the growth and the visibility of the Institute, since they continue to have a professional and an emotional connect with their AlmaMater.

As one of the first activities the Alumni cell Committee, chaired by the Dean, organized the "Alumni Day" on 13th December, 2020 (eve ofthe Foundation day), as an online activity. 227 Alumni joined in via zoom link and 176 via live you tube account.The Director presided over the event, and it was ably steered by Prof.V K Kapoor (Departmentof Gastrosurgery)

The program commenced with "Down the memory lane- Virtual Heritage Walk"A Video Presentation, with a voice over by Mrs.Monalisa Chaudhari,Senior PRO,who recently retired from SGPGI. There were invited talks by some of the most noted Alumni of SGPGI Dr. Amarender Singh Puri, Gastroenterology, Dr. Ashutosh Tewari, Urology, Dr. M Naveed, Medical Genetics and Dr. K Nagaraju, Immunology. All the invited speakers were formally introduced by their respective department heads i.e. Prof.V A Saraswat, Prof.Aneesh Shrivastava, Prof. Shubha Phadke and Prof.Amita Agarwal.The speakers spoke about their professional journey, which began at SGPGI, their achievements and their memorable moments. The illustriousspeakers ended on a promising note expressing the desire to remain in touch and to help out the younger generations of Alumni in any manner that they can.These talks were followed by a Heritage walk - a video presentation and a very nostalgic interactive session.

Dr Rahul Katharia (Transfusion Medicine) anchored the program.Throughout the program,The chatbox waslive with people spotting their peers and friends and catching up and discussing life asthey knew it during their SGPGI days,fondly and wistfully.Covid times did not dampen the enthusiasm.We hope to continue thistradition inthe coming years.

Welcome Speech Director SGPGI on occassion of Alumni Day SGPGIMS (one ofthe first alumnus of SGPGI)
Invited Talk by noted Alumni of SGPGI Dr. Amarender Singh Puri.
Invited Talk by Dr. Ashutosh Tewari, Urology
Invited Talk by Dr. M Naveed, Medical Genetics
Invited Talk by Dr. K Nagaraju, Immunology